There's Someone Inside Your House

 by Stephanie Perkins

Meet Jordan & Zoe


Oh, you're a bookworm? Don't worry, our obsession with books goes way beyond what would be thought possible too. We understand that books play with your emotions, that you CAN have a deep connection with fictional characters, and that books can bring people together. Which is why we started this blog: we want to encourage EVERYONE to see how utterly incredible books can be, and hopefully so far we've attracted a few reluctant readers to maybe pick up a few more novels. If you want to find out more about us individually (because believe it or not, we're not actually the same person) along with some fun facts, favorite quotes, and other hobbies, click below!

Our Blog & Reviews
Every Wednesday, we post a new book review. No matter the time of day, the time of year, or our current stress level, you can count on us to get a review for a fresh YA novel every single week. Our reviews are thoughtful and express our honest opinions about recent books we've read, and our goal is simply to be informative and help YOU choose your next book to read. 
Lucky for you, though, Wednesday isn't the only day you'll find us around on here! We also do unboxings of bookish subscription boxes, author interviews, monthly challenges, posts about bookish businesses... We've basically created a place to go if you're looking for ANYTHING bookish ;)
Posts Are Coming Soon
Stay tuned...
Posts Are Coming Soon
Stay tuned...

Jordan's Bookstagram & Twitter: @pagetravels


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