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Review for I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson!

Quick View Review:

Characters: ***** (5/5)

Plot: ***** (5/5)

Writing Quality: **** (4.5/5)

Amazon Rating: **** (4.5/5)

Full Review:

Noah and his sister Jude are twins, living with their artistic mother and tough-guy, “surftard” father in Lost Cove. At thirteen, Noah is obsessed with drawing and the eccentric boy that moved in next door. Jude, on the other hand, has fallen in love with cliff-diving and popularity. When both plan to apply for CSA, the fine arts high school nearby, their extremely close relationship seems impenetrable. But when expectations aren’t met and irreversible catastrophes strike, they become strangers to each other. Three years later at sixteen, they no longer interact, despising each other’s presence alone. Noah is a completely different person, trying to become the son his father always wanted, while Jude cuts all her hair off, ceases interaction with boys, and busies herself by talking to her grandmother’s ghost and by strictly following the bible her grandmother left behind, filled with rules and superstitions.

Noah and Jude switch perspectives every other chapter, Noah at thirteen and Jude at sixteen. Both time periods intertwine, bringing together all the coincidences, mysterious characters, and heart-thrilling events to form the wildly beautiful and passionate novel written by Jandy Nelson called I’ll Give You the Sun.

The Huffington Post said it the best, claiming that “this book will tear through you like a hurricane, leaving you in ruined awe.” The writing is vivid and breathtaking, sprinkled with just enough mystery and suspense to keep you turning the page. Each character is developed to their full potential, giving the story more depth and emotion. Nelson introduces important issues such as bullying, rape, and society’s acceptance of homosexuality. These topics are woven into the plot ingeniously, meanwhile universally raising awareness of these concerns. The plot is structured with calculation and intensity, creating a moving, explosive experience that cannot be forgotten.

We recommend this stunning novel to mainly teenage girls. Both boys and girls will be able to relate, but the story line seems to fit that audience more. Even so, everyone from age fourteen and older could benefit from the perspective I’ll Give You the Sun has on life in general as well as specific life lessons hidden in the dramatic lives of the Sweetwine family.

This world-changing novel will bring tears to your eyes and send you in a fit of laughter, all while you quickly fall in love with each character, and, before you know it, you won’t want the story to end.

Happy reading!




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