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Review for The Kill Order by James Dashner!

Quick View Review:

Characters: **** (4.5/5)

Plot: ***** (5/5)

Writing Quality: ***** (5/5)

Amazon Rating: **** (4/5)


Before WICKED, before the Maze was built, before Thomas became a subject, the world was devastated by sun flares which caused drastic changes in climate and a drastic loss in world population.

Mark and Trina experienced the flares firsthand, witnessed the devastation and horrific scenes they caused, and their memories will haunt them forever. But they survived, an incredible feat on its own. Now yet another crisis has struck the Earth: a virus is spreading. A virus that makes people insane and fills them with rage.

They think that they can save those who are left… if they can manage to survive themselves, that is. Because in this new, flare-affected world, every life is valuable to prevent humankind’s extinction. Yet some may just want you dead.

The flares were only the beginning.

*Sigh* Another incredible James Dashner book. And if you thought that the Maze Runner books were action-packed, well the Kill Order takes it to a whole different level. I mean, it seemed like there was some kind of physical fight in every chapter! But it worked. It fit. I felt like the book needed the action to make Mark and his friends’ journey realistic (ignoring the sun flare crisis, of course). I thought that without the fights and different “invasions”, it would have been too easy for our protagonists. I mean, the ending was kinda predictable, but that didn’t mean you weren’t still stressed that you could be wrong. Of course, James Dashner is an expert at action scenes and suspenseful situations, so his writing was simply perfect. It was descriptive and often had my heart racing, because I never knew what was going to happen. I constantly wanted to skip ahead and read random pages at the end of the chapter or some important plot twist scene (I held it in and didn’t skip anything, even though I REALLY REALLY wanted to and was begging myself to let me), and I think that this is (again) the definition of a page-turner. I think it’s safe to say that if you are reading James Dashner, you are reading a page-turner. Agreed?

The characters were also great. Their personalities were complex, relatable, and realistic. What more can a reader ask for? Except… I thought that Mark, like Thomas, was a little too fearless. And again, I understand because he’s the main character and that he almost has to make split-second decisions, so he almost should be admired and envied by readers. But maybe a little more thought before action would have made him completely relatable and readers could have almost imagined themselves in Mark’s situations.

Also, loved the connection to the Maze Runner! (besides the whole flare crisis and virus) ;)

Overall, this book, like most James Dashner books, was an absolute page-turner; it was action-packed and suspenseful, constantly had you alert and not missing a moment, and fills in some holes from the Maze Runner series. I recommend this book for readers of the Maze Runner (obviously) but I do think that boys will find more enjoyment in this one.

Make sure to come back next Wednesday for a new review!

Happy reading!




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