Review for Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte!

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Characters: ***** (5/5)

Plot: **** (4/5)

Writing Quality: ***** (5/5)

Amazon Rating: **** (4.5/5)

Full Review:

Jane Eyre is a novel of power and independence. It has fascinated generations of readers with its representation of Jane’s quest for independence and freedom. Jane grew up as an orphan at Gateshead, the house of her cruel aunt and bullying cousins. At ten years old, she was sent to a harsh charity school called Lowood, where she begins her quest for independence. The skills she learned at Lowood end up helping her tremendously in her position at Thornfield Hall as a governess to a young girl. Jane falls in love with her harsh employer Edward Rochester, but his terrible secret forces her to make an important decision. Should she stay with her love and face the consequences of giving in to temptation, or should she follow her instincts, even if this means leaving Rochester? Find out in this classic book by Charlotte Brontë!

I must admit, Jane Eyre was a hard read. The language was difficult, the sentences were long, and the material was dense; however, I do think it is a great book to read, and, if you are looking for a classic Victorian-era book set in England, this would definitely be a good choice. I thought that Brontë did a great job with realistically portraying Jane at all ages, and, although I didn’t like some of Jane’s decisions and often got angry at characters, it was fascinating to watch how Jane changed as she grew up: the way she thought, the way her views changed about religion, and how her personality developed. Brontë also did a fantastic job providing characters with complexly layered and intriguing personalities.

Brontë also represented her views on society and religion throughout the book in subtle ways such as through the contrast between certain characters and Jane’s personal views: a few examples are what she thought of women’s roles in society, what she thought about different interpretations of Christianity, and many more, and I just thought these things were fun to realize as I was reading.

This booked is packed with themes, motifs, and is definitely perfect if you are looking for a book that will provide many discussion topics and analytical thinking, or if you are looking for a classic coming-of-age novel. It also provides an opportunity to expand your vocabulary! ;)

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