Review for The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer!

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Amazon Rating (for Cinder): **** (4.6/5)

Overall Rating (by me, for whole series): ****** (6/5… don’t question it)

One Sentence Review: A genius series of fairy tale retellings with a sci-fi twist and swoon-worthy romances, this book will entrance you from the first page of Cinder to the last page of Winter.

Pairings: Divergent by Veronica Roth, Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Playlist: Team by Lorde

Outlaws by Alessia Cara

I’m Yours by Alessia Cara (Cinder + Kai)

Wolves by One Direction (Scarlet + Wolf)

All of the Stars by Ed Sheeran (Cress + Thorne)

YOUTH by Troye Sivan (Winter + Jacin)

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Cinder is New Beijing’s best mechanic… But she’s also cyborg, and is considered a second-class citizen for her mechanical body parts. She also has many, many secrets; some she doesn’t even know about.

Like Cinderella, Cinder has an “evil” stepmother who doesn’t like her (at all) and particularly enjoys blaming Cinder for things she definitely didn’t do… Like her stepsister’s illness.

Soon after her stepsister’s diagnosis, Cinder meets Prince Kai, and getting her life entangled with his drags her into an intergalactic tension with Queen Levana, the cruel ruler of Luna. In order to protect her world (and her love), she may just have to face her secrets and confront her past… While meeting some incredible friends along the way.

SO. This series. Can we talk about squad goals? Because I desperately want to be the 9th member of this world-saving group. Can we also talk about genius? Because I’m almost positive Marissa Meyer is one. She expertly weaved little twists into the original fairy tale story but never let us forget about our favorite princesses Cinderella, Red Riding Hood (ok, not exactly a princess, but oh well), Rapunzel, and Snow White.

Yes, the fairy tale base of all the books did make the plot twists relatively predictable (especially in the first book… Let’s just say I saw that coming all the way from Paris). But I loved the world-building, the astounding creativity, the complexity and beauty of each and every character. Marissa Meyer did an astounding job balancing all the various storylines as the books progressed and although I was sometimes lacking in Scarlet time in Cress and Winter, I was thoroughly impressed by the author’s ability to juggle all the different stories and relationships happening.

I gotta say that I fell for Kai and Jacin the most (yes, those fictional crushes were definitely present!), and I loved all the female characters: Cinder’s sarcastic attitude and fierce independence, Scarlet’s fearlessness and undying loyalty, Cress’s shy demeanor and determination, and Winter’s playfulness and humble temperament. This was one of those series where I wanted the story to go on forever, yet I was dying to know how it ended; one of those series I know I will cherish forever; one of those series that was as close to flawless as a book can ever get.

Yes, that was short, but what else can I say? This series was utterly incredible, and will forever be high on my favorites list. The plot, albeit being slightly predictable, was unfairly creative, the characters were beyond perfect, and the writing was simply beautiful. There’s nothing more a reader could ever ask her.

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Happy reading!

XOXO, Jordan


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