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Overall Rating: **** (4.5/5)

Amazon Rating: **** (4.5/5)

One Sentence Review: An action-packed plot based on a single historical “What if”, this book possesses characters that you will fall in love with and writing that is simply incredible.

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What if the Axis Powers had won World War II?

Wolf by Wolf centers on this question of "What if" and highlights an important event that would've taken place had Hitler emerged victorious from the war: a motorcycle race across the continents ruled by Germany and Japan that reminds the public of "the Great Victory". The prize for winning? Why, an audience with Hitler himself, who, after many assassination attempts, hardly ever makes an appearance in front of anyone.

Yael is far removed from the Aryan and Japanese society that participate in events such as the motorcycle race; as a former death camp prisoner, she has witnessed much suffering, as she is constantly reminded by the 5 wolves tattooed on her arm that each represent a loved one lost. Due to painful experimentation, however, Yael can skin shift, making her a valuable asset to the rebel cause and giving her the ability to become anyone. Her mission? Disguise as last year's sole female rider, Adele Wolfe, and win the race in order to get that audience with Hitler and get her revenge. The problem? Adele's brother, Felix, and former love interest, Luka, will both be participating in this year's race, and although Yael carries Adele's face, she possesses none of her memories. As Yael's relationship with both men deepens, will she prove ruthless enough and will she be able to guard her identity?

Dang, I seem to be picking up a lot of good books recently. This novel had crush-worthy characters and a strong twisting heart-pounding plot. Not to mention that the writing was incredible, too.

Skin-shifting aside, it's crazy to think that our world could've been like the one in Wolf by Wolf. I have one word: yikes.

Anyway, the characters. I didn't love Yael. I respected her strength, determination, courage, resilience, and independence, but I couldn't really relate or connect to her at all. She may have been too admirable: she didn't really have flaws or faults that made her personality realistic. Luka and Felix, though... If you follow our blog on Instagram, I think I've mentioned several times how much I love them. They were gorgeously flawed yet perfectly strong, and I simply cannot wait for their paths to cross Yael’s once again in the sequel to this masterpiece.

The plot, I thought, was the perfect balance between calm moments and "stormy" moments where my heart was racing faster than when I sprint. It wasn't overly packed with action, but it was definitely by all means a page turner.

The writing, like I said earlier, was amazing. Graudin's style perfectly highlighted the important moments and created suspense just when the plot needed it. Basically, her writing effortlessly complemented the beautiful creativity of the plot.

Overall, this book wasn't a favorite, but it's still a phenomenal read. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys history (particularly World War II, of course), but I think both boys and girls would definitely enjoy this one.

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