Review for The Young Elites & The Rose Society by Marie Lu!

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Overall Rating: ***** (5/5)

Amazon Rating: **** (4.1/5)

Pairings: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas, Fairest by Marissa Meyer

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10 years ago, a deadly disease swept through Kenettra: it was called the blood fever, and very few survived once infected.

Adelina Amouteru is one of these “lucky” survivors; however, the illness left her with an obvious marking, brandishing her a malfetto and forever placing her on the bottom of the societal ladder.

Some of the sickness’s survivors, though, left with more than just a simple marking: they possess deadly powers that rely on the forces of nature.

They are called the Young Elites, and nobody really knows their true identities.

Soon, Adelina’s life becomes entangled with two men who will change her forever: Teren Santoro and Enzo Valenciano. Teren is the head of the Inquisition Axis, the cruel police of Kenettra. Teren personally possesses one goal: to eliminate and obliterate all malfettos, especially the Young Elites. But he possesses a deep dark secret he must keep hidden. Enzo, on the other hand, leads a secret group of Young Elites called the Dagger Society. This group strives to find others like them and train them to defeat those who stand in their way and want them gone.

When Enzo and his Daggers find Adelina, though, they witness a power unlike any other. A power that may end up being their downfall. Or their savior.

Do you want to become witness to Adelina’s epic journey of betrayal, trust, love, and power? Because this story is a tale unlike any other, one that will leave you shocked and unable to move on.

My goodness. Where do I even begin with this series? It has absolutely become a favorite: everything about it was pure perfection, from the details of the plot to Adelina’s dark characteristics.

Let’s begin with the characters. Each of them was unique and possessed personalities that shone independently, but together, this group became an indescribable force you won’t be able to forget. Especially Adelina. I. LOVED. HER. Her combination of darkness and hope, of fear and confidence, of independence and need… All of it was utterly incredible and just extraordinary beyond words. And that doesn’t even include the complete flawlessness of everybody else: Enzo, Raffaele, Magiano (*swoons and screams*), Violetta, Teren… I could go on and on and on forever.

But I won’t bore you with more praise for Marie Lu’s perfect characters. Although everything else was pretty darn perfect too.

The plot. Filled with twists and turns at every bend (that totally makes sense if you think about it), my heart was constantly racing and nobody could pull me away from these books.

I mean that very literally. I may or may not have stayed in my room for an entire day.

ANYWAY, every aspect of the plot was wonderfully thought out and played with my emotions in a way no other book ever has.

For example, I CANNOT decide whether to hate Raffaele or not. Because I love him. But I also hate him more than anything.

Finally, the writing. Marie Lu is such an artist: she expertly weaved a tale that captured the reader’s mind from the first page until forever, because my mind is still on these books even though I read them over a month ago.

So, my question for you: do you want to read a book that possesses perfect characters and a flawless plot and beautiful writing?

Because if you do, this is the book for you.

If no, then I have no words for you because you don’t make any sense at all.

Make sure to come back next Wednesday for a new review!

Happy reading!

Xoxo, Jordan


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