Review for Me Before You by Jojo Moyes!

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Overall Rating: **********... (infinitely many/5)

Amazon Rating: **** (4.6/5)

One Sentence Review: An emotional rollercoaster you won’t be able to let go of, Me Before You is a contemporary that should be remembered as the most epic of love stories in the YA genre.

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At first glance, you might think Louisa and Will have absolutely nothing in common.

That is, until the accident forces these two independent individuals to meet and form a relationship, despite Will’s constant reminder that he has no interest in interacting with anyone, never mind getting romantically involved with someone.

Louisa’s just your typical small town British girl: other than her eccentric fashion sense, she lives an exceedingly normal life. She has a loyal boyfriend, a family she can count on, and a job she thought would last. In fact, she’s so content that she’s never felt the need to explore the world beyond her tiny little town.

But when Louisa suddenly finds herself unemployed, she has no choice but to take any opportunity she can get to support her family: in this case, she ends up as a caretaker for a quadriplegic, Will Traynor, who was in love with his life of extreme sports, international travel, and big business until an accident put him in a wheelchair.

When Lou takes the job, little does she know of the emotional journey she is about to embark on. Despite Will’s moodiness and apparent arrogance, she finds herself caring for the man she so desperately tried to hate; as it happens, she cares so much that she’ll do almost anything to stop the dangerous plans Will has set into motion.

Oh man. This book was a rollercoaster of sentiments unlike any other. Yes, it ripped me apart; yes, it broke my heart into tiny little microscopic fragments; but, unlike some stories, this one was worth every single tear that was shed.

Usually, as soon as I say or write the word “tear” or “heartbreak”, people get scared away and immediately default to a different, “more pressing” book that won’t just tear into their hearts (I’m looking at you two, Zoe and Skye). In this case, though, I truly hope you’ll trust me when I say that although this book was utterly devastating, there were moments of extreme light and hope that shone through and made it a book that was so, so much more than just depressing dead weight.

Everything about this novel was brilliant. I’m not going to go over each aspect in express detail, because let me tell you, I would quickly run out of adjectives and would begin to get repetitive within just a few sentences. So we’ll keep it simple. The characters: each and every one built on the others to grow and develop flawlessly throughout the entire story. The plot: the story shifted and transformed perfectly, and each chapter just continued to beautifully add to the novel as a whole. The writing: art in and of itself, Moyes’s style was utterly breathtaking, with captivating descriptions and encapturing dialogue.

Overall, I would dare to say that this book may very well be on the top of my favorite contemporaries list. It captured me in its whirlwind of a love story and to this day refuses to let me go. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget Will Traynor and his wonderful tale, and I really cannot wait to jump into the sequel and dive right back into Lou’s thoughts (wow, that sounded really creepy).

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