#EmpireofStormbember: September Photo Challenge!

So because September is quickly approaching, two of my very best friends and I decided to bring you a September photo challenge inspired by the one and only Throne of Glass series to celebrate the upcoming release of Empire of Storms! This challenge only features 15 prompts, which gives you a little flexibility in how to complete it: you can do the first half of the month, every other day and make it last the whole month... It's completely up to you!

We hope you enjoy this and are excited as we are for the release of Empire of Storms on September 6th!

1. Letter to Sarah J. Maas

Have you ever considered writing a letter to the queen Sarah J. Maas herself? Well, now’s your chance! You can either write a letter and feature it in a picture, write a note to her in the caption, take a selfie next to a mailbox with a letter to her in hand… The possibilities are endless! Let’s all show this wonderful author some love as we get ready for the epic release of Empire of Storms.

2. Fictional Squad

Which fictional characters would be part of YOUR squad? And more importantly: could you beat the squad from Queen of Shadows? List out some of your favorite characters and explain why you would choose them as your partners in crime!

3. Inspired by a TOG character

Have a favorite character from the series? Take a picture inspired by one or more characters in any of the Throne of Glass books. It could be a minor character, a main character… Up to you to choose!

4. Favorite line from TOG series

We all know there are so many incredible quotes featured in these four books, but which one is your favorite? Calligraphy is highly encouraged for this prompt, but find a way to feature your favorite line(s) in a picture!

5. Fire Ombré

Fire plays a HUGE role in the Throne of Glass series, so take a picture featuring an ombré of orange, reds, and yellows to represent the vivid colors of fire!

6. Treat Yo Self!

Celaena absolutely loves gifts and pampering in the Throne of Glass series, so show us a picture of how YOU’ve indulged in a guilty pleasure today!

7. Pets

*sighs* Oh Fleetfoot, you marvelous and magical creature. We want to see your Fleetfoots (Fleetfeet?)! May it be a dog, cat, bird, fish, or any other animal, show us your pets and maybe a few books on the side!

8. Book and Outfit

Celaena loves to dress up and is constantly obsessed with fashion in Throne of Glass, so show us a book and your favorite outfit!

9. If you liked TOG…

What would you recommend reading after finishing the Throne of Glass series? This could be a book that helped you escape a slump, one with similar writing, plot, or characters… We can all pretend we’re like Dorian recommending books to Celaena in book 1 ;)

10. Hide & Seek

Secrets and lies are also a huge part of the Throne of Glass series, and now it’s YOUR turn to keep a secret from your followers. Hide something in the background of your picture (it can be a Funko, a book, a random prop) and see how many people can find it!

11. Create a bookmark

This one pretty much speaks for itself… It can be a random object you decide to use as a bookmark or an actual bookmark you’ve made yourself! Up to you whether to make it TOG-inspired...

12. Badass female characters

Aelin is definitely one of the most kick-ass characters out there, but she’s not the only one! Who are some of your other favorite fierce female characters?

13. Room Tour

Celaena’s apartment is a location that becomes somewhat of a home base for the squad, so show us your version of it by giving a tour of your room!

14. Black Tower

Time to recreate those evil and ominous black towers that were oh so important throughout the series… ;)

15. Meaningful Gift

What’s a meaningful gift you’ve gotten from someone? Is it a certain book you’ve wanted, a piece of jewelry you love, or a special bookish item? Just like the sheet music Sam gave to Celaena, we want to see a gift that truly meant something to you.


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