Review for Hey Sunshine by Tia Giacalone!

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General Rating: ***** (5/5)

Amazon Rating: **** (4.8/5)

One Sentence Review: A fantastic series that is quietly beautiful and somehow continues to stay under the radar, this book will tear your heart apart and then put it back together… again and again and again.

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One second you're on your way out of small-town life, the next you're left heartbroken and stunned when your thrill-seeking high school boyfriend runs off in pursuit of a potentially dangerous dream.

Four years later, everything is different. When Chase returns, admitting he made a mistake and asking for a second chance, Avery wants to think she can trust him again.

But when the arrival of a handsome, quiet stranger named Fox shifts Avery's focus, she realizes that things are about to get a lot more complicated.

When is a lot of history enough reason for a future? And how do you ignore the way someone makes you feel, especially when they were the last thing you ever expected? (summary from Amazon)

I don’t usually read new adult books, but after some pushing, I reluctantly picked this book up, unsure of what really to expect from it. Turns out, I was shocked, amazed and wondering at how it was possible that a book so good could not pop up everywhere I look. For a series this incredible, I would honestly expect it to be everywhere, and yet somehow I had never heard of it before it being recommended to me.

Ok, enough about that. Let’s get into why this book was so perfect and why you should without a doubt go and buy it immediately.

The characters: they were beautiful because they were flawed. Neither Fox nor Avery was impeccable: each had something holding them back, something they could learn about and get over through their relationship with the other. A lot of times I don’t love when books are centered on the romantic relationship and nothing else, but in this book, it worked wonderfully.

Another aspect I was actually surprised I loved was the fact that one book was in Avery’s perspective, while the other was in Fox’s (which also left me wondering who would be telling the third book…). When I started Night Fox (book 2), I wanted to scream because I wanted to hear Avery’s thoughts so so badly, but then I grew to understand that this time, it was Fox’s story, and it was essential that the reader hear the tale told solely from his eyes, and I can’t really explain why other than the fact I’m glad it was that way.

As for the plot, I never would have imagined that a contemporary could pack so much suspense. A lot of the time, out of the blue, something would happen that would make me jump out of my seat, my heart suddenly pounding. Tia taught me to expect the unexpected, and by the middle of the first book I was warily and slightly fearfully turning the page (mostly because of the emotional heartbreak I knew the author could bring, although the suspense was definitely part of it).

Finally, the writing. The only way I can think to describe it is utterly beautiful. It added an extra sparkle to the story: the gorgeousness of Tia’s writing blew me away and added so much to the novel as a whole.

Overall, this series is definitely near the top of my all-time favorite contemporary books. Tia took my heart and brought it on a rollercoaster of emotions I’m still recovering from, and hopefully will recover from once the agonizing wait for book 3 is complete.

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